Stephen Gilbert Demands Meeting With Owners of Derelict Fistral Bay Hotel Site


Newquay’s local MP, Stephen Gilbert, has written to the Chairman of the Helmsley Group to demand a meeting about the group’s plans for the site of the former Fistral Bay Hotel in Pentire.

The site has been derelict for many years and is a blot on Newquay’s landscape, a health & safety risk, and a nuisance for local residents. Stephen’s actions have been prompted after further complaints from local residents that the hoarding surrounding the site was damaged again last week.

 Last year, Stephen invited the Liberal Democrat Minister for Communities & Local Government to view the site. The Minister was appalled at what he saw and committed to investigating what action the Government could take.

 Stephen has also tabled a Parliamentary Motion about abandoned and derelict buildings, which has already received support from 23 Liberal Democrat and Labour MPs.


In his letter, Stephen Gilbert wrote:

 “As you well know, the site is in a state of complete disrepair, is a health & safety hazard, a frustration for neighbours & nearby residents and an eyesore on the town’s landscape.

 “Enough really is enough. I firmly believe that if you will not bring forward plans for development in the near future, then it is time for the Council or Government step in and take direct action.”


Commenting, Stephen said:

 “This issue has gone on for too long. As proved again last week when the hoarding was damaged, this site needs urgent attention. It’s time that the site owners stopped disrespecting the community and brought forward development plans. If they won’t do it, then it’s time for the Council or the Government to step in and take action.

“As Newquay’s MP, I have worked closely with Councillors and residents to raise the issue of abandoned and derelict buildings up the political agenda. I have raised the issue with Ministers on numerous occasions and will continue to fight for legislative changes for as long as I am the town’s MP.”


Councillor Joanna Kenny (Pentire Ward) added:

“Enough is enough. Residents are up in arms about the lack of action on this site. I’m grateful for Stephen’s intervention and I look forward to working with him to continue the fight to get this site dealt with.”


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