Rupert Blomfield of British Red Cross discusses the recent refugee crisis with local Lib Dem members

After the St Austell and Newquay AGM in November 2015, an open meeting was held with Rupert Blomfield, Refugee Support Service Manager at the Red Cross discussing the ongoing refugee crisis. 

Rupert spoke about the plight of refugees and asylum seekers in some detail and explained how difficult is for individuals, however good their case, to jump through the many hoops needed to achieve refugee status, it therefore follows on from this, that the possibility of ISIS or Daish members getting into the country from abroad is extremely unlikely.

He also discussed the plight of those who are refused refugee status, who very often cannot be returned to their country of origin and are not eligible to receive any support, in fact giving them support is against the law. There are an increasing number of refugees in this position, some integrate back into their own communities but an increasing number are simply destitute causing a growing problem in our cities. The government are showing no leadership or will to deal with this increasingly intractable problem.

We thank Rupert for his interesting and stimulating talk and we left the room better informed about the ongoing situation and the challenges facing those fleeing their home countries.

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