Recycling Is Good

A group of St Austell Lib Dem councillors recently visited the Bodmin Waste Recycling Facility to witness first hand what happens to our recycling waste after collection. Bodmin is only one of two WRF’s in Cornwall, the other is at Pool.



The facility receives in excess of 100 tonnes of waste per day which is sorted and sent to various locations within the UK and abroad with glass heading as far as Portugal for the wine industry and textiles transported to Birmingham for reprocessing. Plastics and metals are crushed and baled to be sold on the open market as a commodity.

An amazing 99% of the waste received at Bodmin is recycled with the remainder non-recyclable waste transported to the incinerator at St Dennis.

Tim Styles, St Austell Town Councillor, said:

‘We fail to make the most efficient use of natural resources. Our policy is to cut waste, increase recovery, reuse and recycle and move towards a circular economy in which resource use, waste and pollution are minimised. St Austell currently only recycles about 17% of waste which is well below average so we need to find out how we can improve this and up our game’.

‘Along with my colleagues I will also be visiting the energy from waste plant and the Scrapstore at St Dennis to see where ‘non-recycling’ rubbish is processed. I believe attitudes are changing and we are all realising that waste is not something we can simply bury and forget. I’m hoping that our fact finding visits to these facilities will allow us to engage with residents in our wards and constituencies and speak with a degree of first hand knowledge and insight into the local recycling process’

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