Recycling - putting the record straight

It is disappointing but not surprising to read our MP’s recent newspaper article attacking proposals to increase recycling in Cornwall. The implication that Cornwall should be somehow exempt from recycling because we live in a rural area is frankly shocking.


At one time Cornwall led the way in recycling across the country but we are now very definitely behind the curve.

The new recycling proposals have not yet been approved but to put the matter straight. The proposals to INCREASE recycling rates in Cornwall through the introduction of a weekly recycling and food waste collection service will go to Cornwall Cabinet in February 2018.  Currently Cornwall Council collects roughly 25% of waste through household doorstep recycling schemes. The national target for recycling is 50%. The new collection proposals will see a drastic reduction in the amount of waste going to the incinerator, and will hopefully allow us to exceed the national target of 50% recycling.

There will be no ‘overflowing bins’ as Mr Double rather ‘hysterically’ suggests. Increased recycling will mean a significant reduction in waste destined for incineration, hence the need for less frequent bin collection. What it will mean is an end to the embarrassing position we currently find ourselves in, of Cornwall being at best, mediocre at recycling.

This is not about saving money – there is unlikely to be any saving to the council. 'It's about taking positive action to protect the environment and save the planet. Mr Double should be ashamed. He appears to value political point scoring over a common-sense approach.



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