Now is the time to join the Liberal Democrats

A new poll has put the Lib Dems in FIRST place, winning the popular vote in a general election! It's no surprise, the Liberal Democrats are on an incredible run lately.

General Election voting intention: You Gov poll May 28-29th 2019


This month, we've had our best local election results AND our best European election results in our party's history.

People have been responding to our message of a Britain that is unashamedly European, pro-immigration, welcoming and open-hearted.

They've seen the politics of hate and division and they have said NO.

And that is why 11,000 people have chosen to join the Liberal Democrats this month, an amazing 6,000 since European election day.

People are telling us that they joined because:

  • They are sick of Labour and the Conservatives, and they want to support a strong party with a clear message on remaining in the EU,
  • They've always voted for us, but they want to do more,
  • They support our plans for tackling the climate emergency, the housing crisis and our plans to prioritise mental health support,
  • They want a say in electing the next leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Does this sound like you?

Then join our growing party here:

And don't forget, everyone who joins us by next Friday (7th June) gets a vote in our leadership election! 

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