Lib Dems make sweeping gains in local elections

With the dust settling on the 2019 local elections it is now clear that this is the best set of local election results EVER for the Liberal Democrats.

With results still coming from across the UK the Lib Dems have gained ELEVEN councils so far and over 700 new councillors from places as diverse as Bath and Sunderland.

We got this result because the Liberal Democrats have remained consistent in their support for Britain’s place within the European Union.

There are now just three weeks to the European Elections.

We launched our European campaign with a simple message. A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit.

Today’s results prove – beyond a doubt – that the Liberal Democrats are in the best position to win lots of MEPs in the European elections.

We have the resources, experience and campaign skills to deliver a real election campaign.

The only other thing we need is you!

Are you voting for us in the European elections?

Letting us know that we have your vote at this crucial time will help us have another extraordinary result in the European elections in three weeks.

And it will help us STOP BREXIT.

Tell us now that you'll back the biggest party fighting for our place in Europe.

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