Liam Broderick chosen as Lib Dem candidate for Newquay Town Council by-election

Liam Broderick, local environment specialist and Newquay’s ‘King of Zumba’ has been chosen as YOUR Lib Dem candidate for Newquay Central Town Council by-election to be held on Thursday 2nd April.

Liam was born in Beach Road to a local fishing family, three generations of whom have worked from the harbour over the last last 60 years.

Growing up as a ‘Harbour Rat’ Liam got under everyone's feet before he took a slightly different direction from his fishing family, studying marine biology.

He is now an environmental expert helping manage our local rivers and beaches. He is also also a fitness instructor and Newquay’s King of Zumba running classes at Newquay Tretherras which many local residents attend.

Liam said:

“I’ve lived here all my life and worked in Newquay Central since the age of 13 and have an in-depth knowledge of the issues facing our residents.

“Our town is blessed with one of the most fantastic natural environments in the UK, our beaches are awesome, and we are the surf capital of Europe. All well and good, but can we honestly say we are doing enough for local residents?

“If elected to the town council my top priorities will be:

#1 Declare a Climate Emergency on Newquay Council
Currently the council is putting together a climate strategy, but by declaring an emergency we put climate change at the heart of everything the council does. Towns like Penzance and Falmouth are going plastic free - why can’t Newquay?

#2 Put the well-being and happiness of local residents first
Tourism is massively important to our town but it is really important that the needs of local people are met and that happiness becomes a measure of the Town Council’s success.

#3 Better and greener public transport links
If we are to maintain Newquay as the Jewel in the Crown of Cornwall we need to improve the sustainability of our current transport links to allow easy access for tourists as well as improve connectivity for local residents.

“Elect me on Thursday 2nd April and I will work hard to achieve all of these things.”

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