Joanna Kenny

About Joanna

For over 10 years, Joanna has served on both Cornwall and Newquay Town councils.    She had the honour of serving as Newquay’s Mayor and takes a close interest in the finance of the Town Council, sometimes a lonely voice holding the Council to account on its budgeting excesses.  

On Cornwall Council, as well as her planning role, she serves on the audit committee, where she acted as committee chair and plays an active part on the Council’s pension committee.  And outside Council work,  having spent 15 years as a Magistrate, she served as a school governor for Newquay Junior.  

Currently she serves on the board of AMLAG, the local body that allocates European funds to fund projects that help fund the local economy (including Newquay Orchard),  and is a Trustee on the board of ECCABI, a charity that supports the vulnerable, helping them help themselves in these challenging times, and is a Trustee for the Newquay Centre.

All change for Cornwall Council and Newquay division boundaries

It’s all change in Cornwall Council and for the divisions in Newquay.    Relishing the challenge, Joanna has jumped at the opportunity of representing the new division of Newquay Porth and Tretherras. 

Joanna says “These are some of the most exciting and yet some of the most neglected areas of Newquay.  Exciting as they incorporate the whole of the Growth Area, that’s Nansledan, both sides of the Chapel stream, Trevenson and Trencreek and when the Newquay Strategic Route is started in 2021, we’ll get more development at Chapel Gover.   

Neglected because both Porth, the Chester Road area and Tretherras generally have been taken for granted recently with little or none of the improvements from which Pentire or Central have benefited.    The people of this division, all of them, deserve better.

Yet she isn’t forgetting her home area of Pentire – getting the best of both worlds by putting herself forward to represent Pentire and Central at the Town Council level.

Joanna's Record of Action

From her active role from the early years of Newquay Safe,  Joanna’s drive and enthusiasm has made and is continuing to make a real mark on our town.   Her proudest achievements include

The Newquay Neighbourhood Plan

The driving force behind the NNP, a 5 year project, that not only defends our town from unsuitable and unwelcome development but provides the springboard for regeneration of the town.   The only person who stuck with the project from it’s foundation to its triumphant referendum, Joanna was directly responsible for the revolutionary Coastal Change policies, the plan being acknowledged as the first neighbourhood plan to implement a Coastal Change Management Area (CCMA) in the UK – and the first such CCMA in Cornwall.

The Atlantic Playground

Doubling the size of the existing playground to provide an area for older children as well as improving the current toddlers playground, Joanna identified the funding, worked on the design after consultation with local families and has ensured its future by a transfer of the whole Atlantic Green including the car park from Cornwall Council to the Town Council providing an income stream that will fund the future maintenance of the playground at no expense to the taxpayer.    The first transfer of an income generating car park to the town since the demise of the Newquay Urban District Council in the 1970’s.

Newquay Harbour Regeneration

Providing the impetus for funding, managing and implementing the first major investment in Newquay Harbour for many years, a £1M project (EU funded)  which, amongst other things, assisted our fishing fleet by electrifying North Quay, providing new and better davits on North and South Quays and building the Treffry Centre, both replacing burnt out and dilapidated stores and providing offices above to give an income stream for future enhancements in the Harbour.  

A Promise of More

Joanna says “Top of my action list are monitoring development, young people and getting stuck into those issues that really matter to people locally.

Keeping a close eye on development

I shall be taking a very close look at all planning applications in the division to ensure they meet the high standards set in the NNP to provide quality development while protecting our local community – nowhere is more at risk from the Government’s densification (or garden grabbing) proposals than Porth and Tretherras.

Improved facilities for our young people

I know how much we need improved play and other facilities for our young families. New playgrounds have been provided across Newquay, including those at Atlantic Road which I was instrumental in winning, but there has been nothing for Porth and Tretherras. And It is not just playgrounds we need but also better facilities for older children.  

Listening to the community

And it looks as if my first local issue, which I already raised at Newquay Town Council, will be finding what the community wants for the Porth Beach dog restrictions.”