Wave House Church Drive-In Service a Success

A hugely successful community event took place on the Mount Wise car park on Sunday 21st June – the first ‘drive-in’ church in Cornwall.   The event was hosted by the Wave House Church, led by the Reverend Matt Timms, with other local churches contributing. 

The event was nearly halted due to restrictions on gatherings for worship, but local councillor Geoff Brown was able to work with the police and Cornwall Council to get approval for the event just in time. 

Cllr Geoff Brown, Cabinet Member for Transport and local member for Newquay Central: 

When Pastor Matt Timms approached me I thought it was a great idea and worked with my Transport and car park team to make it happen. Originally they were keen on Manor Road but that was too busy so I suggested Mount Wise which is usually quiet on a Sunday morning and the 3 tiered levels helps with viewing. All was fine until we were told last week that the current regulations do not allow for gatherings for worship. I argued that it was no different to a drive in cinema and after consulting with police we finally achieved approval late on Friday. 

“I was delighted to support this great event; when we were approached by the Church it seemed a wonderful way to bring people together. The morning was a great success with people of all ages attending and the original estimate of 50 cars was at least doubled with well over 100. I believe that this was a unique event, the first in England and I was delighted to be able to assist. 

Thanks to Newquay Lions clubs who provided stewards which was a great help on the day.” 

Cllr Joanna Kenny: 

“I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful community experience at the Wave Church drive-in church service, my first event out since March. I never thought I would hear a church service start with a rousing cheer for Cornwall Council and Geoff Brown.” 

“Mount Wise car park was packed with cars and with those on foot like me socially isolating in the overlooking gardens. The service was full of inspired and inspirational young people.    Perfect weather, warmish and overcast (the blazing sun came out to schedule after the service), a little wind - after all we were in Newquay.” 

“I particularly enjoyed the singing; to tell the truth not very tuneful but very easy to harmonise – and it was good to be able to sing together again and not be the only one scaring the seagulls.” 

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