Cornwall Liberal Democrats oppose Tories’ “Devonwall” plans

Cornwall’s Liberal Democrats have reacted with anger at Theresa May’s plans for a Parliamentary seat straddling the border between Cornwall and Devon.

Joanna Kenny, Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson for St Austell and Newquay said “I am vehemently opposed to this Devonwall solution– the faceless bureaucrats in Westminster have, as always,  taken no note of Cornwall’s cultural and historic identity and just worked their proposals on numbers not communities.   

 I am particularly concerned at the proposal to split the China Clay area into two, which shows their lack of respect or even awareness of Cornwall's regional distinctiveness. I call upon our local MP to provide a bit of leadership in firmly opposing this proposal and to undertake to vote against the proposals if they come to Parliament in their current form, to support Cornwall Council in their challenge to the their legality and to seek to introduce a bill to make Cornwall a special case.”

Frances Tippett, Chair of Cornwall Liberal Democrats - said: "We support the principle of equally sized constituencies, but only if flexibility is applied to take account of natural communities; and this vast rural constituency could hardly be seen as that.

 “This boundary review was always flawed, based on a Tory calculation that it would gain them seats. The losers from their cynicism will be the poor and disadvantaged across Cornwall and beyond, those who feel so let down by the political system that they do not register to vote and therefore are not counted when these reviews are done; yet are the very people whose interests should be paramount in all that we do in the future.

 “As the Electoral Reform Society point out, the real scandal here is that the poor and marginalised will be less not more represented in our democracy, and so I urge local people on both sides of the border to hold their Conservative MPs to account and to oppose these unnecessary and damaging proposals."

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