Farron - Tories Brexit dithering is hurting UK business

In a major speech to Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron has called upon Prime Minister Theresa May to stop dithering over Brexit and spell out exactly what here plans are for the country.

Tim said, "Theresa May says Brexit means Brexit. Well thanks for clearing that up. 

"Nearly three months since the referendum and we have a government with new departments, new titles, a new prime minister…but no plan. No vision. No clue.

"And no leadership. 

"Theresa May did so little in the Remain campaign that she actually made it look like Jeremy Corbyn pulled a shift. 

"And today, the absence of leadership from the Prime Minister is astonishing, the absence of clarity as to what will happen to our country is a disgrace. 

"Three months on, it isn’t good enough to have brainstorming sessions at Chequers while investment and jobs steadily bleed away… while our standing and relevance in the world diminishes in direct proportion to the number foreign visits by Boris Johnson …while British industry is crying out for direction, for certainty, for any idea of what lies ahead. 

"Make no mistake, the Conservative Party has lost the right to call itself the party of business. It has lost the right to call itself the party of the free market

"It no longer supports business, no longer understands the need for calm economic pragmatism – but instead pursues the nationalist protectionist fantasies of the Brexit fundamentalists who have won the day. 

"Indeed, my message to any business in this country – large or small – is if you are backing today’s Conservative Party, you are funding your own funeral. 

"There is only one party now that believes in British business – large and small; that believes in entrepreneurship and innovation: the Liberal Democrats. We are the free market, free trade pro-business party now. 

"Theresa May – tell us what Brexit really means. You’ve had three months. You are the Prime Minister. Stop dithering. What is your plan?"

You can read the whole of Tim Farron’s speech at www.libdems.org.uk/tim-farron-speech-16

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