£30m pothole blitz for Cornwall

Lib Dems on Cornwall Cornwall Council have secured funding to spend £30million on repairing potholes and improving road surfaces over next three years.

Ten million pounds of Highways capital funding will be brought forward to stem the rising maintenance backlog and respond to resident concerns about the state of Cornwall’s roads, bringing the total budget for 2018/19 up to £36.2m, with further work to be undertaken to allocate a further £20m in years two and three.

Councillor Paynter said: “Compared to many other local authority networks, our roads are in good condition, but if we don’t take more proactive action, we will face real issues.

“Some increases in capital funding from central government and one-off capital injections via funds such as the pothole grant have helped, but a prolonged wet and cold winter and two significant snow events have made our roads even more susceptible to damage.

“We need to take urgent action to eliminate the conditions which promote the formation of potholes, or we will face the same problems every year and will no longer be in the top 25% for condition of our A, B and U road networks,” he warned.

“So far in 2018 16,547 potholes have been recorded. If this trend continues for the remainder of the year, this will soar to a projected 45,000 potholes. Cabinet Member for Transport Geoff Brown said in 2016 a total of 27,660 potholes were recorded and 28,953 in 2017.

"Bringing forward this funding will enable us to halt the gradual decline in our rural network and over time we will see an improvement in the resilience of Cornish roads".

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